USTA Southern Virtual Risk Management Classroom

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Welcome to the Virtual Risk Management Classroom brought to you by USTA Southern. This site offers 24/7 training on subjects which are helpful to USTA Jr Team Tennis Managers/Coaches/Captains. 

Principles of Youth Protection and Tennis Program Safety:  The material is presented in a single course, and is required for USTA Jr. Team Tennis coaches, captains and co-captains. The required course features interim quizzes throughout. You must answer each quiz question correctly to proceed. When you successfully complete the course you will be sent back to this page, where you'll be able to generate a Certificate of Completion for your records.

How to Determine a Player's Level: The course includes helpful tools to determine the level a player will play in USTA Jr Team Tennis. If you have Registered for a previous course, you do not have to Register again but you may need to reset your password.

Current course offerings:

  • Principles of Youth Protection and Tennis Program Safety
  • How to Determine a Players Level